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Raiden Makes a Return

Last night the VGA’s commenced, leaving behind a fresh taste of promising new games to be released. The awards ended with a short trailer announcing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which brings back the infamous Raiden as well as a brand new style of play in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Konami teamed up with Platinum Games, providing the backbone for the slashing swordplay found in Rising. The game looks completely different from anything seen before in this franchise, but is sure to be promising nonetheless. Head to the comments and give us your peace of mind!
– Caleb Stiles



Skylanders brings an expensive appeal

Recently released was the very unique, Skylanders: Spyros Adventure. Activision takes gamers towards a new way to play, using the “Portal of Power” to bring your collectible skylanders to virtual life within the video game. However, between the game, the portal, the skylanders, and the map packs, you can guess that the quality of this game comes with the quite the price. Needless to say, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure brings a plethora of gameplay, upgradable powers for each skylanders, additional chapters and so much more that really pull together for a great game. So if you have some cash to spare, click on the “shop games” link below, and join the fight for Skylands.
– Caleb Stiles


MW3 Campaign is a must play (PS3)

I picked up MW3 with the same intentions of everyone else, multiplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer. After one rank of prestige, I started the campaign… and was blown away. This is by far one of the best quick campaigns I’ve ever played. You spend the majority of your time playing as a new soldier, Yuri. Infinity Ward does an incredible job tying together Yuri with the last stories, as well as wrapping up the on going bought with Makarov. If you have MW3 and haven’t played the campaign, you really are missing out!
– Caleb Stiles


All the RAGE (PS3)

RAGE for PS3 is a game I just simply can’t put down. Everything about this game feels unique, addicting and immersive. Scavenging the immense wastelands for scraps of items, weapons and gear, cruising through the terrain on a deadly buggy, and endless hours of immersive gameplay are all at your fingertips in RAGE. If you enjoy a tough challenge and exploration, RAGE is the game in your radar.
– Caleb Stiles


Welcome to Here for the Gamers 2.0

Here for the Gamers is back, and better than ever! We’ve updated our site, switched to word press, increased staff, and are ready to continue providing you with the only go-to game source you need!
– Caleb Stiles


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