Skylanders Bringing Forty New Figures this Fall

An interview between Family Gamer TV’s Andy Robertson, and Toys for Bob co-founder Fred Ford (currently tech. director), detailed a lot of new Skylanders details, and we mean a lot! Ford confirmed there will be eight Giant Skylanders, one for each type, and that all eight of the giants should have some parts that light up, when placed on the portal. There will  be eight brand new regular sized skylanders, and eight light force skylanders (Light force skylanders are figures with light up pieces, as shown below in this prototype Prism Break); Four of the light force figures will be from the new regular sized skylanders, and the other four will be from the original thirty-two skylanders. Lastly, Robertson reported that the original skylanders will be re-released starting in the fall, and of those 32, 24 of the figures will feature new poses, such as holding a different item, or standing on hind legs, etc.. These figures will have no change within the game, but will be a whole new way for collectors to spend money, and sadly, I am on of those collectors, who loves blowing money on Skylanders. So all together, that’s estimated amount of 40-48 new figures starting this Fall, as well as a new game! We’ll give you more information as it comes, spread the word, and be sure to check out my Ready, Flame, Fire blog, to get your chance at some rare Skylanders!!

You can watch the interview here

– Caleb Stiles

    • AR
    • February 19th, 2012

    there’s my some kind of light skylanders xD

    • zach
    • April 4th, 2012

    Its actually 36 new skylanders. 8 giants 8 lights (4 remakes with lights) 20 remakes ( not including lights remakes)

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