Legendary Trigger Happy to Feature NEW Abilities

March is approaching quickly, and with it, more details are trickling down about some new Skylander figures being released “pre-exclusively” to Toys ‘R Us. The Dragon’s Peak, Iridescent Blue Bash, and Legendary Trigger Happy are all being released to Toys ‘R Us through March, then to other retailers, as most of you know. Featured above is the most unique Legendary Skylander to be sold yet, Trigger Happy. Just as the previous Legendaries, Trigger Happy features blue and gold coloring, and increased stats, such as attack or defense. But what stands out the most about this Legendary Trigger Happy, is that he will feature brand new abilities, not seen in the previous standard Trigger Happy. Few details have emerged about these abilities, but I can only hope, the new abilities will be focused around his fierce “goldslingers”! We’ll keep you updated as more info comes on Legendary Trigger Happy. Time is running out for our rare skylander contest, so be sure to check out our next blog for a chance on extra entries!

– Caleb Stiles

    • D Vader
    • February 25th, 2012

    Unfortunately the “new abilities” for L-Triggs merely consists of +10 on his speed. That is it. All other stats are the same. 😦

  1. awesome

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