Skylander Contest Results Are In

I want to first and foremost thank every single contest participant for your interest in Here for the Gamers. We’ve been gladly providing you with the best Skylander news and updates, and we certainly aren’t stopping now! If you were not selected as a winner for this contest, do not be dismayed! We completely understand how frustrating and difficult it is to collect all of these elusive figures, so we will be holding another give-away contest very soon! Our contest winner has been selected, so congrats go out to Chazen Smith, and we hope he enjoys his Legendary Trigger Happy. Now, head to the comments and let us know which Skylander you’d like to see in the next contest, we’ll try and choose the most popular answer!

P.S. While the winner has been announced, you may want to check your emails next week, and see if you’ve been chosen as our secret selection winner!

– Caleb Stiles


  1. Quite honestly, any skylander would be a treasure to win! Why you may ask…well because you could upgrade each with a different ability path. ^_~ So for instance, I’d have one Gill Grunt with the Water Weaver path and the other with Harpooner. Guess all I’ve got to do ow is cross my fingers for your next giveaway!

    • example
    • March 3rd, 2012

    ignitor would be cool, or dark spyro

      • example
      • March 3rd, 2012

      i think this would be cool, since only people who bought the 3ds version can get these in stores

    • zach
    • April 6th, 2012

    Maybe zook

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