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From The Skylands To The Skyworld

With Skylanders releases slimming down, it’s time to take a quick trip away from Skylanders news, and see what else is happening in the gaming industry. Over the next couple of months, I will be extensively covering some new games, and I’m starting this journey with Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. I will spend a few days on each game, and around E3 Convention time, we’ll land back at the Skylands ready for any and all Skylanders News!

Skylands to the Skyworld: Pit, the main protagonist in Kid Icarus: Uprising, is a flightless angel from the Skyworld, who is led by the Goddess of Light, Lady Palutena. Uprising was headed and developed by Smash Bros. Creator, Masahiro Sakuri, and he did one incredible job. Uprising is my favorite game of 2011-2012, if not of all time. I honestly can’t seem to put this game down! Over the next few days, I will be giving extensive coverage over this game, form details and tactics, to unlockables and gear. Uprising features a massive weapons system with tons of weapons, each of which can fuse together to create new weapons. With nine weapon categories, and a huge selection of each, it’s hard to keep up with which weapon combinations are the best, which effect modifications to look for, and how to know what to fuse to get your desired weapon. At the end of my Uprising coverage, I will release a massive chart with all of the weapons, fuse options, and even plausible effect modifications! If you have not looked into this game yet, I highly recommend you do, especially if you already have a Nintendo 3DS.

Lastly, don’t forget to check back Friday for the announcement of the Air Skylander Contest winner, who will be receiving a single pack Lightning Rod!

Spread the word, check back tonight, and feel free to comment!

– Caleb Stiles


KId Icarus: Uprising Takes The Nintendo 3DS By Storm

Amidst all of the Skylander madness, plenty of other games have been receiving incredible recognition, especially the long anticipated Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. Here at the Skylands, we’ve broken down exactly what features make this title stand out from the rest! 🙂

– A massive array of weapons at Pit’s disposal. Pit can wield weapons from nine separate categories, including blades, claws, staffs, palms, clubs, cannons, orbitars and arms! These weapons each bring their own stats to the battlefield, and can be fused together in any which mixture, immensely multiplying the amount of weapons at Pit’s disposal.

– AR Cards, Lots of AR Cards. Uprising will feature over one hundred different collectible AR cards, that serve as unlockables in the game known as “idols”. The collectibility of AR Cards is a fresh taste to mobile gamers, and definitely adds to the amount of time that can be spent on this packed title.

– Old Meets New; The creators behind Uprising have done an incredible job fusing the classic style of Kid Icarus with the new and improved title for the 3DS, coming together for a deep but satisfying experience. For example, the currency system is built around expendable “hearts”, just like the Classic Kid Icarus.

– Online Multiplayer is well thought out! It’s very rare to find a handheld game with a great online multiplayer mode, but Uprising has captured the true essence of mobile online, and features absolutely non-stop explosive battle shaking the 3DS right out of your hands! You can either play a six player free-for-all mode, which obviously, is every fighter for his/herself, duking it out on a gorgeous battlefield, using weapons, items and strategy in balanced methods. The other mode is Light vs Dark, a 3V3 battle mode, where you duke it out against the opposing team, and then proceed to defeat the opposing team’s “angel”.

Overall Kid Icarus: Uprising is the title 3DS has been looking for, and justly has reached much hype, so pre-order while you can, and check back soon for more Skylanders info!

– Caleb Stiles

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