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Skylanders Release Information Update


Portal Masters! The last couple of weeks have been entirely unpredictable and hectic as far as finding Skylanders, so I’m going to sum up what I’ve seen and found, and give everyone an update on the Air Skylander Contest!

First, Lightning Rod, Sunburn, and Zook have all made it to stores a little early, which was quite a blessing! I’ve been able to stay up with my collection so far, but it has taken some serious dedication and tough time management! Along with these three Skylanders, I came across a single pack Ignitor in my local Wal-Mart today, which was an absolute surprise to me! The painting on this Ignitor is more delicate than my 3DS Pack figure, and has some minor color tone and detail altercations. With Wave 4 out, the next wave is not expected until June, and then Wham Shell is to be in September (to the best of my knowledge). With so little Skylanders information left to talk about between now and the Fall, my site is going to take a turn towards a different software, but any and all Skylander information I come across will be posted here you can be sure of that! 🙂

As soon as information becomes relatively constant for Skylanders Giants, my blog will head back to the Skylands, to keep you in the know, and on top of finding these elusive figures.

By now you’ve noticed the picture above, so let me fill you in on this incredible figure. Flameslinger has always been my favorite, and so I was ecstatic to come across this custom articulated Flameslinger. His arms and legs have movable joints, he has add-on flame accessories, his bow can now be removed from his hands and placed on his back, and you can even remove him from his element piece, making him a legitimate action figure. I dropped almost fifty dollars on this little guy, but I certainly don’t regret it. He still works in the game and everything, so I couldn’t be more pleased.

The Air Skylander Contest is going great, so spread the word, and keep those comments coming! At the end of next week, I will announce the victor, and reward him/her a new Skylander. In light of this contest being over the Air element, I will be giving away a Lightning Rod, so make sure you give your best ideas! Check back soon for more information on my new site update, the contest, and so much more!



New Air Skylander Name Contest

With the Skylanders Giants coming this Fall, an entire group of brand new regular sized Skylanders will be released as well, and details have been nothing short of scarce. The Air Skylander above was first officially revealed at the NY Toy Fair 2012, but mysteriously enough, his name was never mentioned! There’ve been some rumors over what his name could be, and I would like to see what you guys think! Head to the comments below and tell us what you think! When the contest ends, I’ll choose my favorite submission, and reward the victor with a new Skylander! I’ll include more information as the contest progresses, so check back, good luck, and spread the word!

– Caleb Stiles

Skylanders Battle Mode Tips

If you’ve had the chance to face off against a friend in Battle Mode, then you know that some Skylanders definitely have higher advantages over other Skylanders, so I’ve composed this list to help you master the Battle Mode, beat the odds, and take advantage of your Skylanders strengths.

– Learn the Battle Fields. Health and perks are your biggest advantage in Battle Mode. Know where the items pop up next, and be the first one there!

– Keep your distance when facing a short range opponent. Many Skylanders have powers that can cause damage to the opponent while on the move. Cast sharks with Terrafin, birds with Sonic Boom, leave behind a fiery path with Flameslinger, or even cast clones with Double Trouble.

– Use elements to your advantage. Learn the counter types, because you can deal greater damage if you have the superior type, like fire against life for example.

– Use range attacks accordingly. Most range attacks have you standing still, so only use when you have a safe distance, and try to keep them away from the perks.

– Recognize the chance to counter. Keeping a distance until you have a chance to deal the damage is a great technique, and also gives you a chance to beat the opponent to the perks. If you can learn to counter accurately, you can get close, deal damage, and gain your distance back before they have a chance to retaliate.

Hope everyone enjoys this, feel free to comment, and keep collecting those Skylanders!

– Caleb Stiles

Skylanders Wave Four Hits Stores Soon

Skylanders Wave Four has been a long anticipated one, especially because the last Adventure Pack will be released. With an April release, Zook, Lightning Rod and Sunburn will finally make their way to store shelves any shipment now, so keep your eyes peeled! Zook, the once motionless Bambazooker, Sunburn, the rare Phoenix/Dragon Hybrid, and Lightning Rod, the Storm Giant from a distant and cloudy Kingdom. Each of these Skylanders are very unique, and Sunburn comes in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, so your adventure will be expanded once more! These Skylanders are expected to sneak onto shelves with any shipment, while April 1st is the listed date from sources. Legendary Trigger Happy has also been released to Toys ‘R Us retailers so keep an eye out for him as well, if you have not found one yet!

– Caleb Stiles

Skylanders Giants Story Details

Skylanders Giants is slowly making its massive appearance this fall, and likewise, information and news are slowly trickling down to the general public. Nintendo Power was recently offered a sneak peak by Toys for Bob, and they returned with some great details on the story behind Skylanders Giants.

At the end of Skylanders’ first adventure, Chaos was banished, frozen, and sent hurling towards earth. Conjunctively, Eon warned the Portal Masters that our adventure was only just beginning, and Skylanders Giants picked up right where Eon left off. Chaos is at it again, and is furiously trying to make his way back to the Skylands, only this time, he’s not alone. Chaos has taken reins over a mysterious ancient species that has been in slumbersome solitude for over ten thousand years! In urgent response, Eon revives his own army of titanic heroes, and summons the Skylanders Giants! as Portal Masters, it’s your job to harness the power of the Giants, and take on the infamous Chaos one more time. The team behind Giants wanted to make the playing feel completely different with giants, so you’ll have a fresh taste of gameplay in Skylanders Giants. You will be charging through barriers, wreaking trembling havoc, and obliterating enemies!

Skylanders Giants will be released this fall, featuring eight Giants, eight new regular sized Skylanders, and pose remakes of the original Skylanders! We’ll keep the information coming, so keep the traffic flowing! 🙂

– Caleb Stiles

Dragon’s Peak And Sunburn Details

With the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack on its way to store shelves, details are starting to emerge for this final expansion pack, and we’ve go them right here, as well as a collection of incredible Dragon’s Peak and Sunburn images, as seen below. The adventure pack will come with the Dragon’s Peak expansion level, the Sunburn Skylander, the Winged Boots, and the Sparx Dragonfly.

Winged Boots – An incredible speed boost that lasts around thirty seconds.

Sparx Dragonfly – Sparx will flutter around your Skylander, attacking nearby enemies with here fire breath, and will last for about two minutes.

Dragon’s Peak – When placed on the portal, The Dragon’s Peak level will be activated in The Ruins. Dragon’s Peak is a very challenging level for low-level Skylanders. You start your adventure rescuing the Dragon King, and then the level will last an average half an hour, of which you will be faced against many dangerous enemies with relentless attacks.

Sunburn – The elusive phoenix dragon, Sunburn, will take down enemies with his thrashing fiery breath, a quick and dangerous teleport, or even the explosive phoenix dash! Sunburn will only be available in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, so keep your eyes zoned on those store shelves!

Note: Along with Sunburn, Lightning Rod and Zook are also planned to hit store shelves by the beginning of April. For more information on Skylanders release dates, check out our Skylanders Schedule.

– Caleb Stiles

Legendary Trigger Happy to Feature NEW Abilities

March is approaching quickly, and with it, more details are trickling down about some new Skylander figures being released “pre-exclusively” to Toys ‘R Us. The Dragon’s Peak, Iridescent Blue Bash, and Legendary Trigger Happy are all being released to Toys ‘R Us through March, then to other retailers, as most of you know. Featured above is the most unique Legendary Skylander to be sold yet, Trigger Happy. Just as the previous Legendaries, Trigger Happy features blue and gold coloring, and increased stats, such as attack or defense. But what stands out the most about this Legendary Trigger Happy, is that he will feature brand new abilities, not seen in the previous standard Trigger Happy. Few details have emerged about these abilities, but I can only hope, the new abilities will be focused around his fierce “goldslingers”! We’ll keep you updated as more info comes on Legendary Trigger Happy. Time is running out for our rare skylander contest, so be sure to check out our next blog for a chance on extra entries!

– Caleb Stiles

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