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Skylanders Release Information Update


Portal Masters! The last couple of weeks have been entirely unpredictable and hectic as far as finding Skylanders, so I’m going to sum up what I’ve seen and found, and give everyone an update on the Air Skylander Contest!

First, Lightning Rod, Sunburn, and Zook have all made it to stores a little early, which was quite a blessing! I’ve been able to stay up with my collection so far, but it has taken some serious dedication and tough time management! Along with these three Skylanders, I came across a single pack Ignitor in my local Wal-Mart today, which was an absolute surprise to me! The painting on this Ignitor is more delicate than my 3DS Pack figure, and has some minor color tone and detail altercations. With Wave 4 out, the next wave is not expected until June, and then Wham Shell is to be in September (to the best of my knowledge). With so little Skylanders information left to talk about between now and the Fall, my site is going to take a turn towards a different software, but any and all Skylander information I come across will be posted here you can be sure of that! 🙂

As soon as information becomes relatively constant for Skylanders Giants, my blog will head back to the Skylands, to keep you in the know, and on top of finding these elusive figures.

By now you’ve noticed the picture above, so let me fill you in on this incredible figure. Flameslinger has always been my favorite, and so I was ecstatic to come across this custom articulated Flameslinger. His arms and legs have movable joints, he has add-on flame accessories, his bow can now be removed from his hands and placed on his back, and you can even remove him from his element piece, making him a legitimate action figure. I dropped almost fifty dollars on this little guy, but I certainly don’t regret it. He still works in the game and everything, so I couldn’t be more pleased.

The Air Skylander Contest is going great, so spread the word, and keep those comments coming! At the end of next week, I will announce the victor, and reward him/her a new Skylander. In light of this contest being over the Air element, I will be giving away a Lightning Rod, so make sure you give your best ideas! Check back soon for more information on my new site update, the contest, and so much more!



Spyro’s Universe Expands the Skylands

I’ve really enjoyed Skylanders: Spyro’s Universe for a few reasons that really set it aside from the console adventures. It never gets old to head to the Mainland, and show off your Skylander collection. Last night I activated one of my Legendary Trigger Happys, pranced him around the Mainland, and before I knew it my friend requests were blowing up! When the beta for Universe was first released, I definitely felt that it was missing some customization and other elements, and it just didn’t feel fully formed yet. After a few updates, Spyro’s Universe really started to pull through, and gained much more of my time. I’ve had a blast customizing my Skyland (Shown Below), and the mini-games are increasingly tolerable. Flora and Lore Tablet collection is fairly addictive, and the level cap is 25, so you’ll get plenty of game out of your Skylanders. What are your thoughts on Spyro’s Universe? Do you feel that it adds to the adventure of Skylanders, or that it merely drives the repetitive stake deeper into the game? Leave your comments below, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Check back tomorrow for the contest results, and be sure to read my Skylanders Schedule, more skylanders are to be released very soon!

– Caleb Stiles

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