Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced

Nintendo of America has officially announced a Pokemon Black and White sequel via press release, and it is already bursting with surprises. Most were assuming the next game would be of a “Grey” version or of that sort, but surprisingly, The sequels will be known as Pokemon Black 2, and Pokemon White 2. Nintendo of America went on to state that this game would be full of surprises, and based on the box art below, I believe them! Pokemon Black and White 2 are confirmed for a North American release this Fall. Tell us what you think about this unexpected sequel, we’d love to see your opinions in the comments!

– Caleb Stiles


Rare Skylanders Contest Update

Hey everyone, it’s been great to see you commenting on the blogs, so don’t let up! As most of you know, Here for the Gamers has been holding a contest, where we will be giving away a rare Skylander! Many of of you have already commented on the Ready, Flame, Fire blog, and earned an entry at the contest. For those of you who haven’t yet, click here, read my blog, and post accordingly. To earn one extra entry towards the Skylander contest, all you have to do is subscribe to my blog. On the right side of the screen scroll down, enter your email, and that’s all there is to it. I will be tallying entries, and at the end of the week, the winner will be selected and announced, and we will tell you who the rare Skylander is! Spread the word, and keep up the great comments!

– Caleb Stiles

Legendary Trigger Happy to Feature NEW Abilities

March is approaching quickly, and with it, more details are trickling down about some new Skylander figures being released “pre-exclusively” to Toys ‘R Us. The Dragon’s Peak, Iridescent Blue Bash, and Legendary Trigger Happy are all being released to Toys ‘R Us through March, then to other retailers, as most of you know. Featured above is the most unique Legendary Skylander to be sold yet, Trigger Happy. Just as the previous Legendaries, Trigger Happy features blue and gold coloring, and increased stats, such as attack or defense. But what stands out the most about this Legendary Trigger Happy, is that he will feature brand new abilities, not seen in the previous standard Trigger Happy. Few details have emerged about these abilities, but I can only hope, the new abilities will be focused around his fierce “goldslingers”! We’ll keep you updated as more info comes on Legendary Trigger Happy. Time is running out for our rare skylander contest, so be sure to check out our next blog for a chance on extra entries!

– Caleb Stiles

Dragon’s Peak Release Date + More

The Dragons Peak is the most anticipated Skylanders piece to me, and that’s because Sunburn is sure to be my favorite Skylander! I’ve been searching for information on the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, and have finally found specific details, and so much more! All of the following information was pulled from an Official Skylanders Catalog, leaked onto Germany’s eBay. Firstly, due to a new contract with Toy’s ‘R Us, The Dragons Peak will make its first release from March 1st to 31st, only at Toys ‘R Us locations. The Dragon’s Peak will then be released to all retailers beginning in April, along with a few others, including the Iridescent Blue Bash, and Legendary Trigger Happy! Also to clarify, these two Skylanders are also confirmed to at least start off as Toys ‘R Us Exclusives. For release information on ALL of the other Skylanders, please Click HERE. Lastly, if you want to have a chance to win a pack of rare Skylanders, please read and comment accordingly, Click Here! Spread, the word, check out the Catalog pictures below, and check back for more Skylanders Updates!

– Caleb Stiles

Figure Realm Brings Life to Skylanders

FigureRealm, a custom action figure site, has found a way to articulate Skylander figures, giving them free form, joints, accessories, and more! These Skylanders can be pinned onto their element piece, or you can pop them off and play with them as you would a regular action figure! This creates more imagination for the younger kids, as well as more diversity for the collectors. The best part is, they still work perfectly on the Portal of Power! Figure Realm has really done an incredible job with these figures, so be sure to check them out! Check out the images below and check out the site here. Spread the word and click here to enter for a chance to win a rare Skylander!

– Caleb Stiles



(Images owned by http://www.figurerealm.com/)

Skylanders Bringing Forty New Figures this Fall

An interview between Family Gamer TV’s Andy Robertson, and Toys for Bob co-founder Fred Ford (currently tech. director), detailed a lot of new Skylanders details, and we mean a lot! Ford confirmed there will be eight Giant Skylanders, one for each type, and that all eight of the giants should have some parts that light up, when placed on the portal. There will  be eight brand new regular sized skylanders, and eight light force skylanders (Light force skylanders are figures with light up pieces, as shown below in this prototype Prism Break); Four of the light force figures will be from the new regular sized skylanders, and the other four will be from the original thirty-two skylanders. Lastly, Robertson reported that the original skylanders will be re-released starting in the fall, and of those 32, 24 of the figures will feature new poses, such as holding a different item, or standing on hind legs, etc.. These figures will have no change within the game, but will be a whole new way for collectors to spend money, and sadly, I am on of those collectors, who loves blowing money on Skylanders. So all together, that’s estimated amount of 40-48 new figures starting this Fall, as well as a new game! We’ll give you more information as it comes, spread the word, and be sure to check out my Ready, Flame, Fire blog, to get your chance at some rare Skylanders!!

You can watch the interview here

– Caleb Stiles

Ready, Flame, Fire!


Ready, Flame, Fire! Everyone has their favorite Skylander, but for me, I cant pick just one! I’ll start with Flameslinger, and I invite you to participate! As I announced, I will be giving  away a few Skylanders, and you all have a chance to snag them! All you have to do is comment on this blog, and tell us who your favorite Skylander is, why they are your favorite, and lastly, tell us which element you would choose to add to the current eight elements! After twenty individual comments have been made, I will select the winner! Spread the word, comment now, and cross your fingers!

One of my favorite Skylanders is the elven archer, Flameslinger. His quick and fiery moves are accurate, long-range, and dangerously explosive! Flameslinger loves to show off his talents, and even wears a blindfold to prove it! Having earned his Fiery Bow from a fire spirit at a young age, Flameslinger has mastered the skill of the bow, and when he strikes, he leaves only scorched ground behind him.

If I could select a new element to add to the original eight, it would be Celestial. Benevolent Skylanders, that fight only for the greater good. These skylanders would have no weapons or physical attack. Instead they would focus on the aura of celestial spirits, summoning blasts of astral aura, turning accursed enemies against other enemies, or even firing a wrath of seraphic stars against the enemy, sent from the skies above! Celestial Skylanders could be white or or a gleaming yellow, some may sport halos, some may wear the robes of their benevolent forefathers, or even a glorious winged horse!

Post your comments, and the winners will soon be announced. I’ll bring updates as they come. SPREAD THE WORD!

– Caleb Stiles


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