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Skylanders Giants Story Details

Skylanders Giants is slowly making its massive appearance this fall, and likewise, information and news are slowly trickling down to the general public. Nintendo Power was recently offered a sneak peak by Toys for Bob, and they returned with some great details on the story behind Skylanders Giants.

At the end of Skylanders’ first adventure, Chaos was banished, frozen, and sent hurling towards earth. Conjunctively, Eon warned the Portal Masters that our adventure was only just beginning, and Skylanders Giants picked up right where Eon left off. Chaos is at it again, and is furiously trying to make his way back to the Skylands, only this time, he’s not alone. Chaos has taken reins over a mysterious ancient species that has been in slumbersome solitude for over ten thousand years! In urgent response, Eon revives his own army of titanic heroes, and summons the Skylanders Giants! as Portal Masters, it’s your job to harness the power of the Giants, and take on the infamous Chaos one more time. The team behind Giants wanted to make the playing feel completely different with giants, so you’ll have a fresh taste of gameplay in Skylanders Giants. You will be charging through barriers, wreaking trembling havoc, and obliterating enemies!

Skylanders Giants will be released this fall, featuring eight Giants, eight new regular sized Skylanders, and pose remakes of the original Skylanders! We’ll keep the information coming, so keep the traffic flowing! 🙂

– Caleb Stiles

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