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Skylanders Battle Mode Tips

If you’ve had the chance to face off against a friend in Battle Mode, then you know that some Skylanders definitely have higher advantages over other Skylanders, so I’ve composed this list to help you master the Battle Mode, beat the odds, and take advantage of your Skylanders strengths.

– Learn the Battle Fields. Health and perks are your biggest advantage in Battle Mode. Know where the items pop up next, and be the first one there!

– Keep your distance when facing a short range opponent. Many Skylanders have powers that can cause damage to the opponent while on the move. Cast sharks with Terrafin, birds with Sonic Boom, leave behind a fiery path with Flameslinger, or even cast clones with Double Trouble.

– Use elements to your advantage. Learn the counter types, because you can deal greater damage if you have the superior type, like fire against life for example.

– Use range attacks accordingly. Most range attacks have you standing still, so only use when you have a safe distance, and try to keep them away from the perks.

– Recognize the chance to counter. Keeping a distance until you have a chance to deal the damage is a great technique, and also gives you a chance to beat the opponent to the perks. If you can learn to counter accurately, you can get close, deal damage, and gain your distance back before they have a chance to retaliate.

Hope everyone enjoys this, feel free to comment, and keep collecting those Skylanders!

– Caleb Stiles


Skylanders Secrets and Speculations

In an interview with FGTV, Toys for Bob studio founder, Paul Reiche, proclaimed his habit of hiding secrets and unlockables within games, and a few certainly have been discovered in Skylanders, so we’ve made a list of secrets you can look for throughout your adventure! I’ve also spent some time speculating certain factors in the game that could be expresssed later in the future, so we will cover that too! Enjoy, spread the word, and if you have any of your own Skylander secrets or speculations, leave them in the comments below!


– While in the Ruins, sheep will flock to either Drill Sergeant or Boomer.

– In Battle Mode, Skylanders of certain elements have stat boosts against Skylanders of the opposing element. For example, water has stat boosts when fighting against the fire element.

– In the Ruins, you will sometimes find a group of molekin camped out beachside, and if you light their camp fire with a fire attack, you will receive a healthy reward!

– If you head to the Ruins and talk to General Robot after receiving the Tech Source, he will gladly summon a fireworks display for you!

– If you are having trouble reaching the Enemy Goal in any particular level, place Sonic Boom on the Portal of Power and summon her babies. Every baby killed is rewarded as a fallen enemy!

– While floating on the water with your Stump Smash (You have to obtain his Soul Gem to float), press the attack button to spit a stream of water.

– All Earth element Skylanders can destroy rocks without the mining pick, and both Prism Break and Whirlwind can destroy the purple diamonds, located in some levels and Heroic Challenges.

– Occasionally, you can catch a glimpse of a Bark Demon from the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack munching on come chompies!


-In the trailer for Skylanders Giants, Flameslinger removes his Red Bandana, only to show he has a yellow one underneath. Im guessing and hoping that when the new pose Skylanders are released with Giants, the Flameslinger will feature a yellow bandana!

– One of the Story Scrolls located within the Adventure states that at one time there were hundreds of Skylanders, and hints that one day they may all make their return!

– Upon completing the Adventure, you and your friends freeze Chaos and send him flying for Earth. I’ve been wondering if a Chaos Figure will one day be released, that may serve as an alternate ending or a boss fight expansion level of sorts; basically like a Chaos Adventure Pack!

Keep in mind that the three speculations I made above are in no way confirmed and should not be taken as fact. What are some speculations you may have discovered in Skylanders? Post your ideas in the comments below, and check back soon for some exciting news!

– Caleb Stiles

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