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Skylanders Wave Four Hits Stores Soon

Skylanders Wave Four has been a long anticipated one, especially because the last Adventure Pack will be released. With an April release, Zook, Lightning Rod and Sunburn will finally make their way to store shelves any shipment now, so keep your eyes peeled! Zook, the once motionless Bambazooker, Sunburn, the rare Phoenix/Dragon Hybrid, and Lightning Rod, the Storm Giant from a distant and cloudy Kingdom. Each of these Skylanders are very unique, and Sunburn comes in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, so your adventure will be expanded once more! These Skylanders are expected to sneak onto shelves with any shipment, while April 1st is the listed date from sources. Legendary Trigger Happy has also been released to Toys ‘R Us retailers so keep an eye out for him as well, if you have not found one yet!

– Caleb Stiles


Dragon’s Peak Release Date + More

The Dragons Peak is the most anticipated Skylanders piece to me, and that’s because Sunburn is sure to be my favorite Skylander! I’ve been searching for information on the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, and have finally found specific details, and so much more! All of the following information was pulled from an Official Skylanders Catalog, leaked onto Germany’s eBay. Firstly, due to a new contract with Toy’s ‘R Us, The Dragons Peak will make its first release from March 1st to 31st, only at Toys ‘R Us locations. The Dragon’s Peak will then be released to all retailers beginning in April, along with a few others, including the Iridescent Blue Bash, and Legendary Trigger Happy! Also to clarify, these two Skylanders are also confirmed to at least start off as Toys ‘R Us Exclusives. For release information on ALL of the other Skylanders, please Click HERE. Lastly, if you want to have a chance to win a pack of rare Skylanders, please read and comment accordingly, Click Here! Spread, the word, check out the Catalog pictures below, and check back for more Skylanders Updates!

– Caleb Stiles

Skylanders Goes Mobile + Other Updates

Along with the announcement of Skylander Giants, Activision has also confirmed that mobile apps are to bee seen in the near future, to go hand-in-hand with the Skylander Figures. Along with that, Activision will be releasing Legendary Trigger Happy and Iridescent Blue Bash in the near future, and lastly, the Dragon’s Peak Expansion Pack will be headed to Toys ‘R Us as an exclusive this March. (Note: Legendary Trigger Happy and Iridescent Blue Bash will also be Toys ‘R Us exclusives, due to a newly signed contract with Activision.) Check Back tomorrow for a massive update, spread the word and check out the pictures below!

– Caleb Stiles

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